Since our founding in 1986, healing programs have always been the heart of Harmony Hill. We offer a variety of retreats to support the needs of people living with cancer, their caregivers and families.  Retreats are designed to enhance and support conventional medicine. We believe that those living with a diagnosis, both during and after treatment, should have access to effective psychological, physical, and spiritual tools on their journey through cancer.  We also provide retreats with a specific focus, shown below,  all provided at no cost.

Requirements for participation are detailed on the application form.  Regardless of your treatment status, you must be be under the care of a health professional.

Disclaimer: Harmony Hill is a non-medical retreat center. No medical assessment or treatment is provided by Harmony Hill staff, board members or volunteers during any of our programs or retreats.


Currently all General Retreats are accepting waitlist applications only.

Our popular three-day retreats offer individuals affected by cancer time to reflect and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their diagnosis. Through group sessions and activities such as yoga, meditation, guided imagery, poetry and art, our compassionate faculty provides self-care tools and practical resources to help facilitate healing and well-being. Thanks to our generous donors, lodging, meals and curriculum are provided at no cost.

A loved one or caregiver may attend most retreats. Several retreats are specialized for specific challenges or populations. The retreat group of about 20 participates in many activities together, smaller daily support groups encourage personal sharing. Participants and companions participate together in the majority of activities.

Lodging is on site in fully furnished rooms. If you attend with a companion, you will share a room. You will enjoy delicious, whole-foods meals, and opportunities for relaxation and renewal in a tranquil retreat environment of gardens, trails and spectacular views.

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SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2016

Join us for this special retreat for Native American and Tribal cancer survivors, and their caregivers . (All tribes welcome.)

  • Connect and enjoy time with other cancer survivors on their journey toward healing.
  • Learn ways to help cope with the stress and worry that comes with this journey.
  • Reconnect with traditional foods and healthy eating.
  • Help your body with gentle movement exercise.
  • Enjoy traditional crafts and music.

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MAY 23-25, 2016

For men and women living with lymphedema, brought to you in partnership with the Northwest Lymphedema Center.

Support group sessions, lectures and information on supportive practices to cope with the special needs of those who live with lymphedema. Special emphasis will be given to practical techniques around compression garments and lymph drainage. Participants must be able to manage self-care needs and move without assistance, including navigating about 100 feet of gravel path from guest buildings to dining hall.

Lymphedema Retreat Application


For women with any cancer diagnosis. One group will focus on those who have/had uterine, ovarian, vaginal, or vulvar cancers; while the second group will be for women with any diagnosis. Celebrate your life with us on Mother’s Day Weekend. Female companions are welcome.

NOV 7-9, 2016 – WOMEN’S RETREAT (Waitlist Only)

For women with any cancer diagnosis. Female companions are welcome.

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JUL 22-24, 2016 (Waitlist Only)

In-depth, high-quality support and focus on individual and family needs for parents with a cancer diagnosis and their children aged 6-18. This retreat includes facilitated support group time, guided imagery, art, music, movement, fun outdoor activities, and free time. Participant families will leave with tools and resources to empower them on their journey through cancer.

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APRIL 8-10, 2016  

Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult at any age, but young adults face unique social and stage-of-life issues, with very real long-term impacts. Connect with other young survivors ages 18-40 years old in a retreat focused on building lives around long-term survivorship. Non-parental companions are welcome, but must also be between 18-40 years old.

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NOVEMBER 18-20, 2016

The life practice of mindfulness and meditation forms the foundation of our Cancer, Healing and Survivorship retreats. This is an opportunity to learn practical ways to weave mindfulness and mediation into everyday life in an immersive 3-day retreat.

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NOV 29- DEC 1, 2016

This three-day retreat is open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one to cancer. It’s an opportunity for sharing, group support, movement therapy and learning techniques for stress management. Grief and loss retreats support the process of working through loss in the community of others.

Grief & Loss Application

Professionals working with cancer patients experience enormous rewards, yet many seek new tools and resources to better serve patients and themselves. We offer for-fee retreats for health professional teams, including doctors, nurses, social workers, navigators and administrators. Outcome- based agendas help meet Commission on Cancer survivorship mandates while providing renewal for individuals and teams. For information, call 360.898.2363 x13