"Doctors and hospitals focus on your physical ailments. They are quick to dispense medicine to cure your mental anguish, but I’ve found on this cancer journey that there’s very little to help cure one’s spirit.” – Joshua, Cancer Program Alumni.

Extended Cancer Retreat

We consider our Extended Cancer Retreats our flagship offering. These three-day retreats allow in-depth, high-quality support and focus on individual needs. Through stress reduction skills, guided imagery, daily support groups for learning and sharing, drumming, Yoga and other activities, participants facilitate their own healing and restore quality of life. 

 For many retreats, a loved one or caregiver may also attend. A majority of our Extended Retreats are open to both men and women, although there are several retreats which are specialized for specific challenges or populations. We place approximately 20 people at each retreat, and that group of 20 participates in many activities together. For daily support groups, participants will be divided into two smaller groups to create a more intimate space for sharing. Participants and companions participate together in the majority of activities. 

 Participants stay on site in one of Harmony Hill’s fully furnished rooms.  If you attend with a companion, you will share a room.  You will be treated to delicious, whole-foods meals, and opportunities for relaxation and renewal in a tranquil retreat environment of gardens, trails and spectacular views. This program (including food and lodging) is offered at no cost to participants.

     This is our full list of cancer retreats in 2014.  In addition to our general retreats, we are offering several specialized retreats with content customized for specific needs:



• April 7-9, 2015 (General) Tues-Thurs FULL

• April 24-26, 2015 (Young Survivors - 40 YO and below) Spaces Available 

• May 15-17, 2015 (Lymphedema) Spaces Available

• July 24-26, 2015 (General) Spaces Available 

• August 3-5, 2015 (Families with young children 6-18) Mon-Wed, Space Available 

• September 18-21, 2015 (Mindfulness and Meditation) Fri-Mon, Space Available – This is a 4 day retreat 

• October 12-14, 2015 (General) Mon- Wed, Space Available

• November 2-4, 2015 (Grief & Loss) Spaces Available 

• November 10-12, 2015 (Metastatic Cancer) Tues-Thurs, Spaces Available 

• November 20-22, 2015 (General) Spaces Available 

• December 11-13, 2015 (General) Spaces Available

Please note: If a retreat is marked as full, you are welcomed to apply for the waiting list.





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