Chris Adams

Chris Adams, MD Chris is a faculty member at Harmony Hill, and has facilitated at Cancer Retreats, Mindfulness, and Grief and Loss Retreats since 2004. She currently co-facilitates a Cancer Wellness Circle at Virginia Mason. As a family doctor who practiced integrative and mind-body medicine for many years, she was inspired to join the [...]

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Denise Carrico

DENISE CARRICO, BFA, CERTIFIED INTEGRAL YOGA TEACHER, CBC-Y A life-long artist & seeker, Denise found her spiritual 'home' in the beautiful, heartful practice of Yoga and has been offering classes, workshops & retreats for over 30 years. Her hope is to make the teachings & the practices open to all who wish to deepen [...]

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Linda Covert

Linda Covert, RN Linda was called to nursing at an early age and has loved it for over 50 years. She has always been drawn to the care of children and families which is where her hospital practice has resided. She continues her work to support the care of families and staff at a [...]

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Melanie DenBoer

Melanie DenBoer, LMFT Born and raised in Western Washington, Melanie enjoys all the northwest has to offer.  Melanie currently enjoys spending her down time with her spouse and young daughter. They most frequently enjoy spending this time hiking and exploring; both in the Seattle area and around the country.  They have a goal to [...]

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Nora Larson

Nora Larson, BS, RYT Nora is a faculty member at Harmony Hill where she facilitates cancer retreats. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she practices as an oncology social worker with a special interest in palliative care; she has worked in oncology for six years. Her approach to facilitating retreats and working in oncology [...]

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Melissa Layer

Melissa Layer, MA Melissa is an integrative psychotherapist and interfaith spiritual director in Olympia, WA. She honors our unfolding journeys through life's challenges and transitions as compelling invitations for meaning-making in BodyMindSpirit. Her journey with breast cancer, as well as midwifing her parents, husband, and others through end-of-life, has potently informed her about how [...]

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Erica Rayner-Horn

Erica Rayner-Horn M.A., L.M.H.C. Erica is a psychotherapist and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor specializing in mindfulness in her work as a therapist, presenter, facilitator and writer. She teaches mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion and stress management internationally. Bringing her personal experience as a cancer survivor to her professional work she is passionate about teaching mindfulness as [...]

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Gretchen Schodde

Gretchen Schodde, MN, ARNP, FNP-BC, NC-BC Gretchen is the Founder and Executive Director Emerita of Harmony Hill Retreat Center. After attending a retreat at St. Andrew’s House in 1985, Gretchen decided to open a small retreat center and wellness community on the adjacent property now known as Harmony Hill. In 1994, she founded the [...]

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Kathlene Tellgren

Kathlene Tellgren, RN, BS, HN-BC, NC-BC Kathlene’s early experiences of the natural world kindled curiosity in the interconnectedness of all life and a call to service lead to a decades-long career in nursing. The holistic nursing practice of integrative healthcare was a beneficial career decision that has influenced her facilitation of cancer retreats and [...]

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Cobie Whitten

Cobie Whitten, Ph.D. Cobie has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has extensive experience working with cancer patients and their loved ones.  She is a Psycho-Oncology Consultant for the Providence Regional Cancer System. Previously, Cobie worked for the Washington State Department of Health in the Washington Breast & [...]

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