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Balanced Living

Mar 15 – 17, 2019
2:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Harmony Hill

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Reducing Stress and Dis-stress to Achieve Work-Life Balance

If your life feels a bit stress-filled and out of balance; if you find yourself bogged down with work and family obligations and have little time for self-care, or if you know someone who is struggling with these issues, give yourself or someone else the gift of this retreat. It could be that perfect holiday gift you have been looking for! With three days in the beautiful and supportive environment of Harmony Hill, surrounded by nature and nourished with healthy meals, begin your new year with the time and support needed to rediscover a positive outlook, healthful habits, emotional wellbeing, a positive attitude and sense of gratitude. This retreat will allow you to feel the support of others who are also seeking health and balance while learning basic principles of the science of healthy living and experiencing healthful practices that you will learn to incorporate into your daily life.

At the end of this retreat participants will:
1. Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda – the science of life
2. Learn life style practices that can help to manage stress
3. Connect with inner wisdom around what makes you feel healthy and happy
4. Reconnect to your personal vision of happiness
5. Learn to remove toxic substances from your everyday life
6. Discover how to use nature as medicine
7. Experience movement and breath practices while tapping into the ability to prioritize self-care


Patti Wolfrom is an oncology nurse, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a Ayurvedic practitioner, an integrative nurse coach, and yoga instructor who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of wellbeing. While expressing her gift of service, Patti uses the gifts of the healing arts of medicine to promote a balanced approach to life. From this platform she has developed a retreat format based on the principles of Ayurveda. This holistic approach teaches people how to reconnect to the soul of self, while rediscovering their passions, talents and confidence so that they may live a balanced, fulfilling and personally productive life.

Cost of this workshop
This workshop is open to people of all walks of life; to all who wish to enhance the balance and sense of wellbeing in their lives.

The cost of this workshop includes all retreat facilitation, content and materials, healthy and delicious meals, and lodging at Harmony Hill.
All inclusive cost with lodging in a single room $900
All inclusive cost with lodging in a shared room $750
Commuter rates that include meals but not housing $500*
*commuter registrants will be limited due to the availability of space in our dining hall

Housing at Harmony Hill (especially single rooms) and space in our dining hall are limited so register early to secure your place in this retreat!

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