Cancer Survivorship Provider Networking Retreat

Feb 22 – 24, 2019
All Day

Harmony Hill

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An opportunity for multidisciplinary dialogue, learning and support focused on the care of cancer survivors in your practice setting

Workshop Leader

Leslie Heron is a Masters prepared Family Nurse Practitioner with board certifications in Family Practice and in Integrative Nurse Coaching. A graduate and faculty member of the University of Washington, Leslie is well known for her work in cancer survivorship at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutch in Seattle. Leslie is also a well known public speaker who has given presentations on: survivorship care planning, the impact of cancer on intimacy and sexuality, and transdisciplinary patient center approaches to survivorship.

In 2014 Leslie co-founded the Cancer Survivorship Provider Network, a national network of professionals collaborating to provide patient centered care for cancer survivors. She was the founder and chair of the Transitions Project, a multidisciplinary collaborative with participants from Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Childrens Medical Center, and the University of Washington Medical Center. This collaborative group focused on creating smooth transition for pediatric cancer survivors as they moved into adulthood, while also addressing care coordination over the life span.

Leslie will lead this retreat as both a plenary speaker and group facilitator, offering her knowledge and wisdom as she assists participants to expand their knowledge and the application of that knowledge in creating excellent survivorship programs that both meet regulatory requirements, and the needs of patients and their care companions.   Our hope is that this offering will allow all participants to make their optimal contribution in the cancer survivorship arena while also attending to their own needs for care and healthy living. Please join us for this retreat!


At the end of this workshop all participants will be able to:

  • Identify survivorship patient populations in various practice settings
  • Name accreditation & regulatory bodies that are addressing survivorship, & the criteria for incorporating survivorship care into practice
  • Describe strategies for implementation of patient specific survivorship strategies into various practice settings
  • Describe practices for self-care, selfreflection, and burnout prevention for providers of survivorship care
  • Name 2 new colleagues that can become a valuable part of your professional network


Cost of this workshop
This workshop is open to people of all professions who work with cancer survivors

The cost of this workshop includes all retreat facilitation, content and materials, healthy and delicious meals, and lodging at Harmony Hill.
All inclusive cost with lodging in a single room $750
All inclusive cost with lodging in a shared room $580

***Contact Hours for attendance will be provided for those who request that documentation.***

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