Grief & Loss – 2-Day In-Person Retreat

“To fully inhabit grief is to hold the contradictions of the great mystery that loss shatters us and we become whole…We mourn our beloveds’ absence and we invoke their presence. We cease to exist as we once were and we become more fully human. We know the darkest of all nights and in so doing can bring the light of our loved ones into the world. We are paradox. We are bearers of the unbearable.”
                                                                         ~ Joanne Cacciatore (from Bearing the Unbearable)

There is presently much grief & sorrow in both the outer world and the inner world of our personal lives. We are a culture in grief. Some have lost loved ones to Covid, to cancer, to suicide, to old age. We grieve their loss and, for some of us, we have done so isolated & alone. The pandemic has interrupted the usual rituals & ceremonies we have to gather & celebrate these losses. They may remain unacknowledged & unattended. And some of us have carried these ‘unattended sorrows’ and a deep & vast grief for a long while: old losses that, perhaps, we have never honored, the accumulated losses of a lifetime.

It is essential that we name & open to our sorrows, speak of them and bear witness to them in the presence of others who are also suffering. Teacher & author Francis Weller (The Wild Edge of Sorrow) writes that being with grief is ”the solitary work that we cannot do alone”. We need each other on this path of loss – in our pain and in our mourning – to tend & heal our broken hearts. So, we invite you to join us in community, sorrowing together in the shared experience of grief & sorrow.

Please join Harmony Hill Faculty Chris Adams & Denise Carrico for a 2-day retreat to deep-dive together into loss & grief. To give voice to the pain & suffering and to do so with great compassion, love, tenderness & respect. The retreat will include small & large group practices of meditation & gentle movement, ritual, time & walks in Nature, sharing together & in silence, writing, art & poetry.

All who have lost a loved one, at any point in time, are welcome.

Retreat Tuition:

Private Accommodations: $525
Shared Room with someone you are attending with: $425
(All prices are per person and inclusive of program, accommodations, meals.) 

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Our Cancelation Policy

Cancellations 30 days or more prior to the event can receive a 100% refund. Cancellations 14-29 days prior to the event can receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than two weeks prior to the event are non-refundable. All tuitions can be converted to a donation or transferred to another person at any time.

Chris Adams, MD

A valued member of the Harmony Hill Faculty since 2004, Chris brings a tender depth of compassion and kindness to each attendee participating in the retreats she facilitates.  As a family doctor who practiced integrative and mind-body medicine for many years, she was inspired to join the Harmony Hill faculty to work with people with cancer and caregivers who face life-challenging conditions as a part of the healing process. She leads workshops for health professionals who are on the front lines of caring for others and can benefit from learning to sustain their spirits and stamina in this essential work. She currently works as a counselor with individuals for insight, growth, grief work, and resilience.

Denise Carrico, Chaplain Program Candidate, BFA

Serving as our Faculty in Residence & Resident Yogi, Denise combines her passion for meditation and mindfulness while holding the essential space for grief work individually and in group settings. As the Yoga Teacher-in-Residence at Harmony Hill Retreat Center, Denise co-facilitates the Cancer Retreats, and the Health Professional Renewal Retreats and leads Wellness Workshops. She also offers weekly Yoga & Meditation classes for the local community and serves as a Hospice volunteer. As a trained Compassionate Bereavement Care Yoga Provider, she is opening up to her own ‘unattended sorrows’ and learning to rest in their midst. And wishing to offer space for others to do the same. Denise believes that ours is a ‘culture in grief’ and that, in sitting & in breath, in stillness & in movement, we may each learn to open & rest, be healed & be at peace.

December 17 @ 9:00 AM — December 18 @ 4:00 PM
9:00 am — 4:00 pm (31h)

Harmony Hill Retreat Center

Chris Adams, Denise Carrico