General Cancer Retreats

There’s nothing quite like our signature three-day cancer retreats. We offer individuals affected by cancer time to reflect and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their diagnosis. Through group sessions and activities such as yoga, meditation, poetry and art, our compassionate faculty provide self-care tools and practical resources to facilitate healing and wellbeing. Caregivers and companions are welcome. Thanks to generous donors, lodging, meals and curriculum are provided at full scholarship.

Please only enroll if you are able to attend all three days of a cancer retreat. Partial attendance is not permitted.

Notice: While waitlists are available for all retreats, our first available openings for our General Cancer Retreats are in 2020. Our 2020 dates will be released in early September. To be added to any waitlists, you must complete the full application process. If you apply for this year and no spaces open up, we will work with you to get enrolled into a 2020 retreat.

Registration Form

A Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat is right for you:

  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are under the care of a health professional.
  • If you are able to walk short distances and provide your own transportation to Harmony Hill.
  • If you have not attended a Harmony Hill cancer retreat previously
  • Because your companion is also welcome.
  • Because you can afford it. Harmony Hill provides cancer retreats at no charge. (There is a $25 application processing fee for each application submitted).


Agreements you make in deciding to apply to attend a retreat:

  • Participate as fully as your health allows in the various retreat offerings.
  • Plan to attend the full retreat which starts at 11:00 am on the first day, and completes at 3:00 pm on the third day.
  • Companions will participate with their primary participant as fully as their health allows.
  • Recognize that each person’s choices around treatment, wellness, spirituality, and healing are unique and diverse.
  • Everyone attends with a respectful acceptance for the spiritual beliefs of others, without any attempt to proselytize others.
  • Everyone attends with a heart and mind that is supportive, but not trying to fix others or promote a particular treatment modality.


The application process for each person – participant or companion:

  • Complete the registration form via the link above. (This will trigger a welcome email with links for the full questionnaire.)
  • Complete the full questionnaire. (This is where you’ll indicate your preferred dates.)
  • If you need a waiver for the application fee, please email us at


Grief & Loss

This retreat is offered to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. Through activities designed to help individuals express grief and loss in a safe and caring environment, our compassionate faculty will share meaningful coping resources to facilitate wholehearted healing. Thanks to generous donors, lodging, meals and curriculum are provided at no cost.

Metastatic Cancer Retreat

Metastatic cancer is one which has spread from the primary site of origin into a different area(s) of the body. Because metastatic patients face a unique set of emotions and challenges, we created this retreat for them to be in community with others on a similar journey of hope and healing. Caregivers and companions are welcome. Thanks to generous donors, lodging, meals and curriculum are provided at no cost.

In 2017, 28 percent of Harmony Hill cancer retreat participants (excludes companions) had metastatic disease. All are welcome in our General Cancer Retreats; those with metastatic disease now have an additional option to consider.


Disclaimer: Harmony Hill is a non-medical retreat center. No medical assessment or treatment is provided by Harmony Hill staff, faculty or volunteers during any of our retreats or programs.