General Cancer Retreats

There’s nothing quite like our signature three-day cancer retreats. We offer individuals affected by cancer time to reflect and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their diagnosis. Through group sessions and activities such as yoga, meditation, poetry and art, our compassionate faculty provide self-care tools and practical resources to facilitate healing and wellbeing. Caregivers and companions are welcome. Thanks to generous donors, lodging, meals and curriculum are provided at no cost. Register early — space for retreats is limited and reservations fill quickly.

Notice: While waitlists are available for all retreats, our first available openings for our General Cancer Retreats are in November of 2018. To be added to any waitlists, you must complete the full application process.

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A Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat is right for you:

  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are under the care of a health professional.
  • If you are able to walk short distances and provide your own transportation to Harmony Hill.
  • If you have not attended a Harmony Hill cancer retreat previously
  • Because your companion is also welcome.
  • Because you can afford it. Harmony Hill provides cancer retreats at no charge. (There is a $25 application processing fee for each application submitted.

Disclaimer: Harmony Hill is a non-medical retreat center. No medical assessment or treatment is provided by Harmony Hill staff, faculty or volunteers during any of our retreats or programs.