“I first came to Harmony Hill in July of 2014. I was almost a year cancer free at that point. I was feeling scattered and also stressed to my breaking point. Besides my breast cancer I had lost both parents to cancer, my Mom about 4 months before my diagnosis. There was also other cancer in my family, thyroid and skin cancer. I had a very rocky road in terms of chemo and thought I would go check it out. From the website, the property looked lovely and I thought being around people who could understand would be helpful.

I recall filling out the evaluation forms after my first retreat, I struggled to find the words to describe my time there. A gift is what came to mind. Going in to the retreat with no expectations I was blown away by how much I was taking away with me. The other attendees (some of who I still keep in touch with) were so lovely and I learned so much from them. When I first walked into the Lodge I had no idea what to expect other than seeing the agenda ahead of time. I didn’t know anyone and it felt a bit like I was going to camp. After the opening circle, I felt more at ease and settled into the weekend.

Most recently I attended the Grief and Loss retreat in April. Wow, did I ever need that. I discovered throughout the retreat that I was stuck in my grief for my Mom and not moving through it. After almost 5 years, having that awareness made such a huge difference it’s hard to describe. It felt as though a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I went home feeling as though I had received another gift, such a special gift.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, on staff at Harmony Hill is amazing. So kind, so welcoming, and just lovely. And the food, I can’t not mention the wonderful food! I am a self described picky eater and wasn’t sure how I would like some of the dishes but they were all amazing! Without Harmony Hill I honestly don’t know where I would be today. To say it has been life changing seems like an understatement. It saved me, and for that I am so grateful.”

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