Swedish Multidisciplinary Workshop

Understanding the Nature of Trauma & the Path to Healing
Location: Swedish Cherry Hill Conference Center, 500 17th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Time: 10 am-4 pm on each date offered

Lunch is provided. This event is fully sponsored by Swedish.

Within the construct of healthcare, building community and trust is increasingly important in your daily professional life. It is relationships with colleagues, as well as patients that underlay the work that you do. By harnessing the power of inner restorative work and strengthening one another, Harmony Hill’s multi-disciplinary faculty will help cultivate a sense of shared purpose and shared values.

During this one-day experiential workshop, you will learn about the science behind trauma, sharing your stories and learning strategies to support post-traumatic growth and healing. Post-traumatic growth is a process, not an outcome, and typically involves developing positive responses in these areas: appreciation of life, enhanced relationships with others, new possibilities in life, newly identified personal strength, and spiritual or existential change.

You and your fellow colleagues will have a time and place where you can step back, process what you have been through in the last year, and begin healing from mental and emotional trauma. Our experienced facilitators, themselves healthcare professionals, will also teach you specific tools for mental and emotional self-care mindfulness.  By providing you the opportunity to share your stories, connect with others, and learn specific skills for maintaining wellbeing, our programs will help you develop your individual mental and emotional resilience.

The workshop will also enhance your ability to respond to the demands of your profession with a more mindful approach.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to tune into your own experience, connect with others, and build on your inner resources to support the sustainability of, and joy in, your work.

Please sign up for one of the dates offered below.

Available Workshop Dates

Tue, May 18
Fri, May 21
Mon, May 24
Tue, Jun 1
Fri, June 4
Tue, June 8