Our Story

Harmony Hill began with Gretchen Schodde’s dream to create a retreat center where people could experience renewal and deep well-being. In 1986, Harmony Hill opened its doors as a nonprofit retreat facility focusing on wellness. In 1994, we added our Cancer Program, the heart of our mission, to support those affected by cancer, including caregivers and health professionals. In 2004, we began offering our cancer-related programs at no charge. In 2020 Harmony Hill decided to make a fundamental shift to increase our commitment to inspire healthy living for all, recognizing that many of the programs and resources developed over the decades to support those on a cancer journey could equally benefit those who had other health and well-being concerns.

Harmony Hill will always serve the many Cancer Participants and their Companions who come to us for support. But now, especially in this time of great need in the world, Harmony Hill serves everyone.

Today, we serve thousands every year: people living with cancer, seeking a retreat from daily life or wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes. To help support our mission, we rent to individuals and groups for everything from parties to personal retreats to conferences. We’re proud to be known for generous hospitality and nurturing staff, as well as delicious meals and our spectacular site. Rental customers enjoy the added benefit of knowing they are helping support our mission — Inspiring healthy living for all and transforming lives affected by cancer.