Inspiring healthy living for all, and transforming the lives of individuals affected by cancer…  is the mission of Harmony Hill.

At the heart of that mission is to support the survivorship of people affected by cancer — including their caregivers and health care professionals — with hope, healing and tools for positive change.

Our Cancer Journey program provides support to enhance, not replace, conventional medical treatment. People living with a diagnosis should have access to practical resources for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and our retreats, workshops, videos, and other offerings provide much needed support. A large and generous community of supporters fund these cancer programs, allowing us to offer them at no-cost to participants.

We also offer Health Care Professional programs to help physicians, nurses, social workers and other clinicians – as well as entire workplace teams — enhance their own resilience and wellbeing.

Threaded through every retreat and offering Yoga & Meditation are a foundational part of all of our programs.

Healthy Living For All (formerly our Wellness Program) is important for everyone, and in that spirit we offer public workshops to help individuals live a more healthy, joyful and creative life.